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What are three things you can do to help change the world?

A movement for global goodness – the 3 things philosophy believes that if we all take steps to act ethically, sustainably and generously, we can change the world one decision at a time”.

As one of our 3 things this year, Daughter and I are replacing the clothes that we wear out (or grow out of, in Daughters case!) with clothing made from sustainable and/or organic fabrics.

We figure that in replacing our clothes when they are no longer wearable (or giving them away to be loved by the little girls of friends  families when they are too small) we’re killing a couple of birds with one stone.  Recycling, plus we’re also focusing on buying clothing from handmade and independent artists.

We’re in it for the long haul, plus we’re doing what we can in other areas.

We walk instead of taking the car down the street to get groceries.  We eat as much local produce as possible, and organic whenever we can.  We’re already a family that eats less meat – although I do believe that the kids need it in their diet to be healthy.  I unplug appliances at the wall when I’m finished and we have refillable water bottles.

They all seem like little, inconsequential things when I say them like that, but I’m still doing my little something.  Making  changes and involving my kids to keep this ball rolling.

You can visit the 3 things website here and if you’re not sure how you can make changes, check out what others are doing here.


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