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{image found via rechusable.com}

{image found via rechusable.com}

We’re a family of re-users.

We have quite a collection of hemp and cotton shopping bags (to the point where the shopkeepers in our little town ask me where my bags are if I forget them…).  We’ve all had our own stainless steel drink bottles for years, and even though they’re plastic, we’ve been carting around the same set of cutlery in the car for the last 3 years (washing them after every use and putting them back in the glove-box for next time).

I didn’t realise the impact of plastics on our oceans until I read about Tim Silverwood, ReChusable and Take 3 in Issue 16 of Peppermint mag.  I’d studied the ocean “garbage patches” with some of my kids at school last year, and was horrified by what we all learned.  I honestly thought I was doing okay with my rechusing efforts, but reading  that article in Peppermint made me realise

I could be doing more.

Rechusable Products

“ReChusable was founded in 2012 by environmentalist Tim Silverwood who has been actively raising awareness of the impacts of plastic pollution in our oceans since 2009. Tim sailed 5000km from Hawaii to Canada in 2011 to study and document the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a resting place for millions of tonnes of rubbish in the middle of the ocean. Tim believes the key to solving this complex problem starts with simple actions…like choosing reusable products.”  (taken from the ReChusable About page)

The idea of “replacing single use products and packaging with reusable alternatives” makes perfect sense to me.  Of the products listed on the site coffee cups, cutlery, sandwich/snack wraps, straws and toothbrushes are the things I don’t do.

I think we’ll start with the toothbrushes.  Made from bamboo (one of my favourite sustainable materials), it may take a little convincing the Husband (he’s my most resistant to change), but we’ll give them a go.

Do our more.

And I’ll let you know what we think of them.

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