{be inspired} Shakespeare Insult Kit

The Beautiful Girl is studying ‘Romeo and Juliet’ this term, which meant when the Shakespeare Insult Kit fortuitously made it’s way in to my inbox, I printed it out with instructions to “take it in to your English teacher and show her!”.

Needless to say, the class has been having an absolute ball insulting the pants off of one another Shakespeare-style – as have we at home.  We have a copy attached to the fridge, and we’ve been trying to come up with the worst  insult – a-la-Shakespeare – possible.

Some personal favourites so far:

beslubbering onion-eyed foot-licker (that was one for Husband)
villainous guts-griping flax-wench (that was Daughter)
and reedy beetle-headed maggot-pie (the Little Man)

And I can’t possibly repeat what they’ve called me!!

Did you know though…  that Shakespeare is actually responsible for a vast number of sayings that we use in our modern day?
I love that he came up with “What the dickens” over 200 years before Charles Dickens was even born!!

Have fun coming up with some awesome insults!
And don’t forget to share them here!!

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