{beautiful to me} Door Knockers

Our little house doesn’t have a door bell or a door knocker, so  when the postie comes to the front of the house with a parcel, we rarely hear her knocking.
Of course I could get a door knocker (and ease the postie’s pain), but I kind of like being in the little bubble that is my home.

The postie’s insistent knocking and a popular repin from my For The Home board on Pinterest are the inspiration for this {beautiful to me} post…

Turin Door by Jessica Spiegel

Barcelona Door Knocker by Chris

Beijing Door Knocker by Nist6ss

Sizergh Castle Door Knocker by Phil Bradley

Mexico Door Knocker by Steven Miller

Romangna Door Knocker by *melkor*

If you search ‘door knockers’ on Flickr, there seems to be quite a lot of people who photograph amazing door knockers from around the world.

It’s kind of making me reconsider my previous statement about not wanting a door knocker…

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