{beautiful to me} Loui Jover

As Daughter gets closer to her HSC major work for Visual Arts, I’m becoming more and more aware of the art I see online.

She and I tend to bounce off one another artistically – I value her opinion and she looks to me for ideas.  And whenever I see anything that incorporates books (my Beautiful Girl is a voracious reader), I immediately bookmark it to share with her later.

so when i found the work of loui jover, i knew it was something i had to share with her

The way he uses fragile vintage papers – papers that already tell a story – as the backdrop for artworks that tell another story is quite magical.  I know that Daughter is particularly drawn to his works on manuscript papers (her other love is music, closely followed by dance).  

I love his philosophy on being an artist as well: I paint, I draw and I do it every day.  Sound advice for all creative souls.

You can find more of Loui Jover’s works at his Saatchi Art profile and follow him on Facebook.

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