{beautiful to me} Apple & Bee

Daughter drools every time she sees an Apple & Bee bag.

She’s already the proud owner of the [1.] Elephant Green satchel  and an [3.] embroidered coin purse  (with a sweet little bird embroidered in blue), but when she saw the [2.] Fox library bag  at our favourite eco shop – Grassroots Eco-store in Armidale – she almost got down on her knees and begged me for a loan!

For me, the appeal for Apple & Bee lies not only in their bright and funky designs and colours, but the fact that they are a 100% Australian owned and carbon neutral company.  Created by Brett Pattinson and  Claire Morris, their ethos is simple – it matters what we do while we are here and we believe we have a responsibility to leave this earth as healthy as possible.

Apple & Bee also contributes part of its profits to The Bee Foundation – which they established to help raise money and awareness of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), because bees around the world are dying and there seems to be no explanation for it.

They’ve recently branched out in to a [5.] stationery  and all-natural skincare range (I can vouch for the [6.]pawpaw and sweet orange lip-balm) – with the guys even getting a look in design-wise with a [4.] men’s wc bag

You can find them online or in one of their stockists in North America, Europe, Japan & Asia and New Zealand.

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