{beautiful to me} Audrey Blue

{Images: Hayley Richardson – 1. leggings; 2. cowl neck dress; 3. black trousers}

With Daughter and I converting our wardrobe over to sustainable fabrics, we’re always on the lookout for eco-friendly designers – and particularly ones who hail from Australia.

Enter Audrey Blue.

I’ve already got my eye on the leggings pictured above – especially as our cooler months draw closer.  But what I’m really loving about Audrey Blue (apart from the fact that they are organic, ethical and fair trade AND are working on becoming a carbon neutral clothing company) is their find your natural fit page.

If you’ve ever been a fan of Trinny and Sussanah and their Body Shape Bible, you’ll love the natural fit page.

Once you’ve read through the shape descriptions (hourglass, pear, ruler or apple), you can go shopping and Shop For My Shape.  And voila – clothes from their range to suit!

Now just need the weather to cool off a little more…

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