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{Images: Graypants.com – 1: Steplight: 2: Moon Set of 4: 3: Jupiter Scraps}

Scraplights from graypants– an innovative model for what is possible when designers return to using their hands, think responsibly and craft outside the lines – are created from salvaged cardboard which is then treated with a non-toxic, low-to-zero VOC, class-A fire retardant (that has been extensively tested and meets numerous industry standards).

Taking recycling to a whole new, beautiful level.
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2 Responses to {beautiful to me} Graypants

  1. Jenn February 29, 2012 at 2:34 AM #

    This comment is in response to a previous comment which has since been deleted by me ~Tasha.

    I went through pages and pages of websites that featured these lights and complaints about these lights. I only found one complaint about these catching on fire, the same complaint was on several websites yes, but it was the exact same complaint. Sometimes the same complaint was posted on the same website multiple times under different names, so I found it kind of odd. I think the only way that these could post a fire risk are if the correct, and recommended, wattage of lightbulb isn’t used. It is always important to not exceed the recommended wattage on an lamp or light fixture. If these were catching on fire I would think that these guys would be put out of business by the lawsuits. But these are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing these lights!

    • Tasha Chawner February 29, 2012 at 7:52 AM #

      Thanks for your research Jenn 🙂 Admittedly I haven’t looked for any complaints, but it definitely sounds a bit odd – same complaint, multiple names… Maybe someone has a grudge?
      I agree with you about the correct wattage lightbulb (one of those been-there-done-that moments…!). Always best to follow the manufacturers instructions!
      Glad you enjoyed the post.
      Tasha xo

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