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handmade brass vessel

Bash Vessel

The Bash Vessel – which featured on page 72 of  Issue 13 of Est – was how I came to find Tom Dixon.

A British design and manufacturing company established in 2002 by founder Tom Dixon, the lighting, furniture and home-wares the company creates is now sold in more than 60 countries worldwide.

An art school drop-out, I love that he started out as a self-taught designer with no technical training, whose first pieces were welded using found objects like bits of scaffolding and old grates.  When asked if he felt he had to create designs that have the potential to be considered classics, his reply was  “Classic might be the wrong word. I want longevity, and I want something to be anti-fashion.”

Interestingly, Tom Dixon feels he is still finding his feet as a designer.

“I think a good designer is somebody who manages to put together all the elements – an understanding of materials and a belief in improving functionality – then puts the shape on last as a result of all those experiments.”

All I know is that Tom Dixon has inspired me to not stress having a master plan – he’s admitted to not having one himself:  “but things always turn out slightly better than I hoped they would” – and to continue thinking outside the square.

And possibly to engage in a little copper-and-brass-bashing therapy of my own…

digitally manufactured candle holder etched in copper

Etch Candle Holder in Copper

nest of five dishes sculpted in brass

Form Bowl Set

a trio of copper vases

Spun Vase Trio

floor vase inspired by the sculptural simplicity of cooking pots

Beat Vessel Drop

You can learn more about Tom Dixon at the website here or follow him on Facebook here.

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