Become Quiet Enough

Become quiet enough to hear your inner voice and trust what you already know.

~Becky Stuto – from “92 Life Lessons” & the Tiny Buddha.

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We all have awfully loud minds.

I know mine has a tendency to shout.  Perhaps, maybe, because I don’t listen enough.

But I’ve started to listen.

And I’m liking what I hear.

I fell in and out of love with stringing.

Discovered metal, and copper in particular.  But it wasn’t quietening my mind.  My Creative Self was still screaming for satisfaction…

Until this Spring.  When I fell behind the lens again.  And delved into the world of macro.  The minuscule, the tiny.  The little snippets that we’re all too busy to stop and see.

My Inner Voice was speaking…  I’m listening.

I delved in to the world of photography just before I began creating jewellery.  I couldn’t afford the equipment, so put that dream on hold.

Should I have? Or should I have forged ahead with a loan?  Begged, borrowed and stole to pursue that endeavour.

I didn’t, so I’ll never know if then was the right time.

But now is.

I’m listening, Self.

Just you wait…

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