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Do you ever wonder who was the first person to think of eating honey?  The first person brave enough to dip their hand in to a hive?  And draw it out covered in sticky, golden goodness…


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What I’ve Learned About Honey.

Honey is considered a Yin (female) food.  That is, it is a food that is cooling, calming and nourishing.

Raw honey also has considerable plant amylase.  What is this? It’s an enzyme that breaks down starches.

Which helps explain one of our favourite ways to eat honey!

Spread raw honey on your bread (a starchy food) and the honey enzyme starts pre-digestion.  That is, it starts to break down the starches in your bread.

To really benefit from this process, let your bread sit at room temperature for 15 minutes before you start eating it.

Why Raw Honey?

“Honey that has not been heated over 117 degrees (47 degrees Celcius) is loaded with amylases, enzymes that digest carbohydrates, as well as all the nutrients found in plant pollens.”

p. 536, Nourishing Traditions, Sally Fallon.

You really want some honey and bread now, don’t you!

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