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Working as an independent artist/businesswoman – & not having someone around in person to sound off on – I read with great interest this week Barb Macy’s Part 1,2 & 3 of her journey as an artisan.

I’m a fan of Barb’s work, in particular her Karma line (the simplicity of the design & the idea of Karma) and her Mother/Grandmother bracelet. 

Part 1 – The Life of a Struggling Artisan – spoke to me particularly loudly.  Pricing is an issue I always struggle with.  Even though I have my formula to help me arrive at the final dollar value of the piece I have designed, I often wonder if the price is too much, or too little. 

I work on the principle that if I have to replace the materials used in the particular piece, what would it cost me?

I had just (that afternoon) finished a necklace using freshwater pearls, Czech glass beads & a simple vermeil ‘S’ clasp.  When I calculated my selling price, I paused.  Was it too much?  But to replace the materials, & my time….?

The other principle I work with?  If someone loves the necklace enough… they will purchase it.

Thanks, Barb.

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