{create} Bringing The Outside In

I’ve been having fun experimenting with foliage from my garden and my beautiful birch bark vase – that I was lucky enough to win from Bettula on Etsy.

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A contrast in colours, form and texture – the yellow of the daffodil and red of the berries – and each arrangement has added a different feel to our table.

We love to bring a little of the outdoors inside – especially in winter, when we don’t get out that much due to the cold and wet.

I can’t have plants – I have a terribly ‘black’ thumb and kill green and healthy plants within a week, so bring some of the outdoors inside in different ways.

How else can you bring the outdoors in?

Live Plants – they energise the room, help reduce stress and reduce toxins.  Just mind you don’t have a ‘black’ thumb like me…

Water – the sound of trickling water is incredibly soothing and can even help improve sleep patterns.

Scintillating Scents – smell is one of your most powerful senses and aromatherapy oils can be used in your home to soothe, uplift, energise and relax.

Real wood – (not always easy to do) the warmth, texture and tones emulates the outside world.

Natural Light – throw open your blinds and let that natural light shine in.  A lack of natural light can affect your mood.

Source: ivillage.co.uk

How do you bring the outdoors in to your home?

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