Busy, Busy!

What a week and a bit…..

It turned out to be the super hectic, week from Hell last week – hence no posts.

Monday afternoon we broke down on the highway….. water pump, head gasket, radiator (you get the general idea…. lots of money!)

Tuesday was my first day at my new job in the health food store.  I was still stressed about the car, so when the cash register decided to beep at me & not work, I was convinced that I was going to be sacked.  Once the register & I made peace, the day went much better. 

Wednesday was volunteering at the kids school canteen.

Thursday was semi-normal.  Apart from the fact that I had no car & had to walk everywhere, praying that the rain would let me get from point A to point B without getting drenched.

Friday was Day 2 at the job.  Cash register behaved itself!

So, I’m looking forward to being able to post some more this week.  I’ll release the next design for the Autumn/Winter 2008 Collection.  And getting back to my beading…..

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