Choosing Earrings to Suit Your Face

Whatever the shape of your face, you can use particular earring styles to draw attention to or away from your face shape.

When talking about face shapes we refer to the basic shapes of :

    oval – an oval face will have wider cheekbones, which narrow down to the jaw line and chin.  It is considered to be the ideal face shape and has the advantage of being able to wear just about any style of earring.  Keeping your earrings in balance with your body size – petite or large –  is a good idea.
    heart-shaped – also referred to as the ‘triangle shape’ – is broader at the forehead, tapering to a small, narrow chin.  Those with a heart-shaped face will want to wear teardrops, triangular or chandeliers that are wider at the bottom.  Button earrings will also help to balance out, and widen your chin.
    round – those with round faces have a round forehead and chin, and wide, full cheeks – with the added advantage of looking younger than they are!  You don’t want to emphasize the roundness of your face though.  Long drop earrings or rectangular shaped earrings will help elongate your face.  Stay away from button style earrings or hoops.
    square – your face is equally wide at the forehead, cheeks and jawline.  Drop earrings will create a look of length and complement your face.
    long – similar to an oval face, but with high cheekbones and forehead.  Long dangling earrings will elongate your face, so try a smaller, button style earring.

Whatever the shape of your face though, the earrings that you choose will be a reflection of you – stones, pearls or crytals; gold, silver or boho – you must be comfortable with, and love, your choice.

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