Crazy for Cranberries

Sunraysia Cranberry Juice ad from 2001

Who remember the Sunraysia Cranberry Juice ads? “Where’s the crannie Grannie?”

Cranberries have become a staple in our diet.

Some History

Native to North America, and with most of the world’s supply of fruit coming from this region, cranberries were used by the Native American Indians as a nutritious food, fabric dye and also to treat wounds and alleviate pain.

Some Health Benefits

One of natures super-foods, research has shown that cranberries have unique health benefits.

“Cranberries have long been valued for their ability to help prevent urinary tract infections by preventing E. coli from adhering to the cells that line the urinary tract. This same effect may help prevent other types of infections involving host-tissue bacteria such as H. pylori, a major cause of gastric ulcers. In addition, the antioxidant properties of PACs [proanthocyanidins] may have a range of other health benefits, including the support of cardiovascular health and reduction of the risk for some cancers. Cranberries are naturally fat-free and have very little sodium, so adding them to a balanced diet is a delicious, refreshing, and nutritious way to meet the recommended servings of fruit daily.” ~ from The Cranberry Institute

We eat our cranberries as craisins – like raisins, but made from cranberries.

Personally, I sprinkle some on my cereal in the mornings.  The kids are free to help themselves to them as a snack any time of the day.  And Daughter will often have a handful just on bedtime, to help her sleep through the night.

They really are a sweet treat!

You can find more information on the health benefits of cranberries at: and

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