Designing for Strangers

I’ve been very fortunate with the Custom Designs I’ve done previously, that I have been able to work closely with the person who is going to wear the design.

Lesley knew exactly what gemstones & toggle clasps she wanted for her necklaces.
Michelle was creating a gift for her mum, with a clear idea of what she wanted.

I’ve received my first commission with vague guidelines. 

The recipient is an acquintance of the giver, & the necklace is a thank you gift for her help with work.

It’s nice being given free reign on the materials & the design.  But kind of nerve wracking, at the same time.

Will they like it?  Or will they think it is the most ghastly, hideous necklace they’ve ever seen?

How do you cope with designing for strangers, based on a few vague ideas?

Do you find it liberating, or is it a task you dread?

I’m curious about others experiences….



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