Designing in the School Holidays

For so many us, we work our business around our families. 

So how do we manage in the school holidays?  If you’re like me…. you don’t get that much designing or creating done.  I’m one of these people who like to finish what I start (sooner rather than later), & kids on holidays are not conducive to this process.

What have I decided to do?  I’m not making anything much over these two weeks.  Instead, I’ve dragged out the kitchen timer, set it for 30 minutes, & am using this time to do research on all of the “stuff” related to computers & Internet.  Technically it is work-related, & the 30 minute block is good, because after the timer goes off, I am definitely ready for a break.  If I have a spurt of creative inspiration, I madly make notes.  Plus I’ve added to the ‘to do’ list (does this list ever end?!).

So, how do you manage, working around the family?  I’m curious….  Any tips?

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