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My Beautiful Girl has been really unwell of late.

She got sick back in late-February, and just hasn’t been well since.  She has had really sore joints, and our naturopath suggested a copper bangle to help with the inflammation.

To which I replied, “I can make her one!”

I started by hammering flat a thick piece of copper wire.  This wire measures 3 millimetres ( approximately 3/32″) and I love working with it!

Hammering the copper wire flat.

I decided to punch her name in to the bangle – to give it a special touch.

I also needed to create a clasp that would be easy for her to take off.  We need to be able to get if off her quickly if it starts to irritate her.

Drilling the clasp latch.

I drilled a 3.2 millimetre (just over 3/32″) wide hole in one end, using my Dremel bench top drill-press (I love my drill-press!)

Filing the rough edges.

Then it was back to the bench to file any rough edges.

Next step was to stamp her name…

Getting ready to stamp.

And then start to form the bangle.  I simply draped the wire over Daughter’s wrist, with the name centred, and gently bent the bangle to suit the shape of her wrist (talk about personalised!!)

I had bent a hook in one end, to go through the hole I had drilled earlier.  Some more filing to take away rough edges and I was ready to finish forming the bangle.

The easy-to-unlatch latch.

Beating the copper around a metal bangle mandrel, using a raw-hide hammer to shape it, also helps to work harden and strengthen.

Shaping a bangle.

She’s very pleased with the finished result…

A personalized copper bangle.

Now we’re just hoping that it helps to balance out some imbalances in her body, and help with the healing process.

Will let you know what she reports…

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