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I’ve been plugging away at Sterling Silver Pendant Custom Order.

Sterling Silver Custom Order PendantThe pendant will have small sterling silver heart riveted on the the front.  I forgot to add my pencil to show scale, but the heart measures 1 centimetre / 1/2 inch from point to the highest curve – and only 8 millimetres / about 3/4 inch across the top.  I think it is going to prove a little bit fiddly to rivet.

Thankfully I have my Dremel, so drilling a hole in its centre should not prove too difficult.  I’ll just have to take the drilling process really slowly, so as not to burn my fingers!!

Sterling Silver Custom Order Pendant

The heart is finally riveted!

And here is the pendant with the heart riveted!  It was decided to use a copper rivet, as it contrasts beautifully against the silver.  Once the copper is polished up as well, it will actually turn a coppery-pink colour.

I’ve annealed the metal (annealing is a heat treatment that alters the microstructure of a material causing changes in properties,  such as strength and hardness and ductility – from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annealing) so the dark marks you see are scorch marks.  These will come off with a bit of polishing.

I had to anneal the disc as the top straight tab section will be bent around to create a bail (where the chain will be threaded through for hanging).  If I hadn’t of annealed the disc, it would have proved too difficult for me too bend it around.  By changing the micro-structure of the metal, I’ve made it a lot more pliable, and I’ll be able to create the bail with a pair of round-nose pliers and some elbow-grease!

The heart did prove a bit fiddly to rivet – good thing I’m a persistent individual.  I would really recommend investing in a proper riveting hammer.  For ages I just used a regular ball peen hammer from the hardware store – but since buying the correct hammer, have found riveting a much easier and pleasant task!

The next step will be stamping the letters – something I’m a bit nervous about, as I’ve not done much stamping on metal yet.

I’ll post the next step of this Diary of a Design on Thursday – stay tuned for more!

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