Diary of a Design – Lost Wax Casting

I’ve been doing a course with sculptor and jewellery maker Carl Merten over the last few weeks.

This week we kept working on our sculptural form for our Lost Wax Casting.

It’s a technique I’ve been keen to learn.  And I’ve realised now why.

You start with a block of wax –

Blue carving wax is a hard and extremely carvable wax.  It is designed to deliver easy carving, yet will retain fine detail.

In keeping with the goddess theme I’ve been working on over the course, I decided to sculpt a goddess form.

Here she is in her roughened stage…

Loving carving the blue wax.

Loving carving the blue wax.

With Carls help and direction I’ve refined her a lot.  Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a photo before she was sent away to be cast. 

But I’ll definitely be posting photos of the finished product…. so stay tuned.

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