{create} Diary of a Design – The Finished Pendant

I’ve finally finished the Sterling Silver Pendant !!

Here are Part 1 – Diary of a Design and Part 2 – Diary of a Design – Continued to see the process so far.

I must admit to a small, okay large amount of procrastinating on this order.

I’m still perfecting my stamping skills, and I was quite worried that I would mess the whole thing up – you know, stamp a letter uʍop-ǝpısdn… or spell a name wrong.

So I bit the bullet the other afternoon and set up.

Set up for letter stamping on sterling silver pendant

I work on the floor

I do most all of my hammering and stamping work on the floor.  This mat is beside the back door – so I get wonderful natural light coming through, which makes for excellent crisp lighting.

And why do I work on the floor?

I’d actually discussed it with a Master Jeweler several months back, in relation to my chronic back issues.  I was questioning him as to the best bench height and work chair for these tasks.  When he asked me where I currently worked, I replied “The floor.”

I expected him to be horrified, but instead his reply was “What is wrong with that?  Think about all the artisans who’ve created jewellery over the years.  Think of Bali and cultures like that.  Their jewelers all worked squatting on the floor, and still do.  If it is comfortable for you, go with it.”

So, I do!!

Sterling Silver Custom Made Pendant

Only the bail to finish

And here is the pendant – all stamped and ready for the bail to be formed.

Once the bail was formed, I popped the pendant in to the rotary tumbler for a couple of hours to work harden it.  This way the piece was uniformly hardened and cleaned as well.

And now the finished pendant…..

Sterling Silver Custom Made Pendant

Finished 🙂

I’ve emailed the customer, and am hoping that she likes it!!  I find that this is one of the more nerve-wracking aspects for me – hoping that the finished piece will be to the customers liking.

What do you think?

Anywhere I could have improved?

Would you have done the bail differently?

Let me know – any and all comments appreciated!

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