{photography} Discovering Photoshop Elements Actions

I’ve recently completed the 4 week Photoshop Elements 101 course over at Nicole’s Classes.

Highly recommend it too…

…self-paced video tutorials, with feedback on your photo editing homework, made it a fantastic learning environment.

Now, I’ve only had PS Elements for about 6 months.  I’d always shied away from Photoshop “proper” before.  Thought it was just too hard to learn and justified this by saying I didn’t have the time to learn it.

But now that I’ve got a handle on the basic of PSE, I’ve started doing a little more looking in to Photoshop Actions (which I hadn’t understood properly before).

So, what are Photoshop Actions?

In a nutshell, they are:

  • a series of steps developed by a designer, to apply a particular look to a photo without having to do it manually;
  • a way to enhance and enrich your photos with a single click;
  • shortcuts that speed up the photo editing process.
{thank you to mcp actions for the above information}
The first hurdle for me – after I’d downloaded my first set of PSE Actions from Pioneer Woman – was to figure out how in the blue-blazes to get them to work in PSE 10.  Thankfully a quick Google search uncovered the following Youtube clip from Florabella Collection.

{Another highly recommend video walk-through that gets results straight up!}

And so begins the fun of finding more actions…  (at which point I’ll promise to do another post in the very near future, where I’ll list a bunch of free PSE actions I’ve found  – and unfortunately not necessarily used due to time constraints… with another promise to come back and link [mental note to self]).

(And for any noobs to Photoshop, here’s a little lingo:  PS = Photoshop and PSE = Photoshop Elements  – and don’t feel bad as I’ve only learned this myself  recently :-))

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