{diy} Tueday – Envelope Liner Template

This diy envelope liner tutorial from the crew at Ellinee.com got me thinking about Christmas cards and how I’m going to pretty them all up with a personalised liner this year (and yes, this is a public commitment to send out Christmas cards…!).

But then I realised that I had an opportunity to try this diy out sooner… my Sister and Nieces’ birthdays!

As soon as I printed out one of the liners, I realised that they were a different shape to the envelopes I use and that I would need to create my own.  Not having the skills to do this on the computer, I decided instead to

make a cardboard template that I can use over and over again

(and use up some of the pretty papers that I’ve hoarded over the years in the process.)

Now that I’ve had a practice I’m definitely going to be doing this to all of my Christmas cards this year!

The fact that I’m thinking about Christmas already… someone bop me on the head now please…
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