{diy} Tuesday – Framed Sea Glass

Inspired by this post this week I framed the sea glass that the kids and I had collected from various beaches in Tasmania.  Originally I had planned to make some of it in to jewellery but by framing it, everyone gets to travel down memory lane with me!

What you need:

* a shadow-box type picture frame

* hot glue gun

* sea glass

* nice piece of textured card

What to do:

1.  My first step was to create a background with the word ‘Tasmania’ on it.  I ended up doing a couple of practice-prints of this as I wanted to have the word in exactly the right place.  It probably would have been just as easy to write it myself though!

2. Place the raised insert over your textured backing card and place the sea glass in position.  A little bit of fiddling may be required to get the right look with your glass.

3. Hot glue your sea glass in to place one at a time.  This way you won’t forget where they went and which way up-down-or-around they were.

4. Put you frame back together.  Don’t forget to clean the inside of the glass before you do this – just in case there are any smudgy fingerprints.

5. Place and admire.

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