{DIY} Tuesday – ‘Love’ Message Board


The love notes change daily...

I can’t remember where exactly I came across the “Love” message board tutorial, but I thought it was such a great idea that I created one for us…

What you need:

A frame (this one has been in a box since our wedding… finally found the perfect use for it!)

Scrapbooking card or pretty paper

Computer font of your choice – or alternatively, make it really personal and hand-write the words “I love you because”

Dry erase marker pen

What to do:

Measure up the size for the paper that you’ll mount in your frame.  I created an oval in a Word document so that I could cut around it and be sure it would fit.

Type up, resize and position the words “I love you because” and hit print.

Mount your card in the frame and find the perfect position in the house where your “love” message board will  be seen (ours sits on our kitchen table so that one and all can see our love notes)

This really is the simplest and sweetest tutorial.  Our frame has been getting a work out from everyone  – the Little Man has even written a love note to his Sister!

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