Do You Have a New Year’s Resolution?

Happy 2008 everyone!!

I don’t usually do resolutions.  Or fanciful wishes as I think of them.  You know the ones…  lose 5 kilograms by Easter, quit smoking, exercise more.

Well, for 2008, I’ve made 2. 

1.  Be a conscious consumer. 

This resolution kind of ties in with my handmade solidarity.  I’ve always been a conscious consumer – buying less packaging, not using chemical cleaning products, supporting local farmers, taking my own bags.  But this year I’m challenging myself to take it up a notch.  As I said to the kids yesterday, when we walked in to town to buy some groceries –healthy body, healthy planet. 

I’m doing this resolution in small steps. Each month I’ll set myself a challenge.   This month I’m challenging myself to remember to take my own bags EVERY time I go to the market.

2.  Walk to strengthen my back.

This one is really personal, which is why I will succeed at it.  After last year, & the pain I went through with my back injury, I feel I’ve healed enough to start to strengthen my back.  Walking is inexpensive, & I’ll enjoy the solitude. 

I’m going to challenge myself artistically this year as well.  I’ve started my list of crafts I want to try – silversmithing, enamelling, continuing with my lampworking.  I’m pretty flexible here though.  And I’m going to scrap my photos from 2007 – looking forward to that!

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