{eat} Fish on the Barbeque

I’m going to share Husbands secret recipe with you today…

Every Friday the fish man comes to town which means that every other Friday or so, we have whole fish on the barbeque.

It’s become Husbands specialty, but he’s agreed to let me share his super easy ‘recipe’ for whole fish on the barbie.

What you need:

enough whole snapper to feed your family





What to do:

Pull out enough foil to wrap your fish.

Crush your garlic and mix with the butter.  Rub this garlic-butter mix over the top of the fish.

Using a zester (or your trusty microplane) zest 1 lemon over the fish, then squeeze the juice over the fish.

Wrap in foil and place in your preheated barbeque (we have a bbq with a lid – although it works just as well in an oven)

Cook until flesh comes off cleanly with a fork.

Super easy, super healthy and super tasty!

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