{eat} Quesadillas

Quesadillas are a favourite weekend or holiday lunch for our family.

We were introduced to them by our beautiful American friend Sarah.  She came to stay with us for a few weeks on a overseas-study home-stay and became part of the family.  Quesadillas were cooked for dinner one night and quickly became a resident recipe.

Now that the kids are bigger they like to make their own (can you see me smiling!?  No more “Mum, what can I have for lunch?”)- and because quesadillas are an easy, adaptable and healthy meal, they make the perfect way to get kids enthusiastic about cooking as well.

Here’s what we use:

flat wraps (we use Mission® Burrito Tortillas)
sour cream
sweet chilli sauce
shaved ham
grated cheese

Making a quesadilla

Start by putting your desired amount of sour cream, sweet chilli sauce & avocado on to your wrap. Spread so that your ingredients cover the wrap, stopping about 1-2 centimetres from the edge.

Next comes a layer of ham. I used to shred it, but now I simply put a layer of ham down – delicious!

And finally a layer of cheese. Don’t use too little (self-confessed cheese fiend speaking) or too much (oozes out the edges) – you need to find your Goldilocks-amount.

Give them a lid & they are ready to cook.

Then it’s in to a pre-heated pan they go. Don’t have your pan too warm initially though, as you’ll scorch your wraps & the cheese won’t have a chance to melt nicely.  You’ll also notice I’m squashing the quesadilla – makes all the ingredients stick to the lid & easier to flip.

Once the underside is nicely browned, it’s time to flip it over.

Cut in to triangles & serve – yum!

Other variations we’ve tried:

no avocado – not recommended.  The avocado definitely adds another layer of flavour.
smoked salmon – a favourite for Daughter and myself.
cream cheese – delicious with the smoked salmon.
shredded chicked – okay, although the chicken keeps wanting to fall out.
barbeque sauce – for something a little different to sweet chilli.

Have you tried quesadillas before?

And do you have a favourite ingredient that you can recommend for us to try?

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