Eating An Elephant

You must eat an elephant one bite at a time.
African Proverb

This proverb really hits a note with me.

Before my little man started kindergarten, I thought I would have all this ‘free’ time – time to bead, scrapbook, coffee with friends – the opportunities were endless.

Now that he is at school, it’s like someone has stuck our lives in fast forward.

In between working 2 days at the health food store (which I am thoroughly enjoying); ferrying kids to and from school, swimming club & Scouts; my weekly massage to help keep my back sorted & volunteering in small boys classroom every Friday morning…. I don’t have any ‘free’ time.

So, here’s where the elephant comes in.

My back injury last year taught me the gift of patience.  This year my lesson is going to be eating an elephant.

Anything is achievable if you eat it one bite at a time.  Any project can be completed one bite at a time.  Any given day will see it’s sunset, it I just go at it one bite at a time.

So, do you have any elephants the need eating?

Will someone pass the salt please!!

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