Embrace Your Grey

To dye, or not to dye – that is the very vexed question for women (and some men) of a certain age.  A proudly salt and pepper Caroline Baum looks at the pros and cons. ~January 26, 2008 Good Weekend

It was with great interest that I read the article titled “Silver Linings” in the Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend insert.

Now, I’m 36.  I’m not ashamed or embarrassed to tell anyone my age.  Most of the time I’m still 18 in my head. 

And I’m not going grey. 

I can’t wait until my hair starts to turn.  I tell my husband I’m going to be Dame Judi Dench – short, grey hair & proud of it!

But so many women dread finding that first grey hair.

I have a very dear girlfriend, who is approaching her 50th birthday with impending doom.  She informs me that she is leaving the country, because she doesn’t want to celebrate this birthday with anyone. 

Now, she has religiously had her greys blonded – every 6 weeks – for some time now.  One day, as she was bemoaning her grey regrowth, I asked her why she didn’t let it grow out.  I can’t remember her exact answer, but she assured me that the day I found my first grey hair, I would rush off and have it coloured. 

My response was the I was going to embrace my grey

For me, turning grey is a natural, normal part of the ageing process.  Think of the triple goddess – Maiden, Mother, Crone.  I’ve quite happily done the first 2, now for the Crone.  And I don’t think of Crone as the haggard, bent & wizened old woman clutching a walking stick.  Think Dame Judi Dench.  And have you seen Jamie-Lee Curtis?

Plus I hate the though of all the chemicals associated with dyeing.

So, who of you out there is grey already?  Have you embraced it, or did the thought terrify you? 

Young or young at heart, share your grey.  Drop me a line & share your experiences, thoughts & feelings on the subject.  Let’s start a grey revolution!

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0 Responses to Embrace Your Grey

  1. Walrus February 2, 2008 at 11:44 PM #

    I embraced my grey. Even if it came early. But now…

    It’s the stupid 20-somethings. They keep offering me their seats in the bus. Hellooooooooo! People! No wrinkles here. I’ve been sitting on my butt all day. It feels good to stand…


    Today, though, was really the straw that broke the camel’s back. TWO – count them, two – young people with bright smiles and solicitous glances offered me their arms to help me over the high ridges of snow lining the streets after yesterday’s storm. I protested in vain. The arms remained extended. So I capitulated and took them. What am I supposed to do, slap them down for being considerate?

    I might have to dye my hair as a public service, to prevent me from taking the head off the next bright thing who gives up their seat in the bus…

  2. milkyminx February 3, 2008 at 12:50 AM #

    It’s wonderful to imagine that one will go against the grain when grey hair begins to sprout, but it might not be so easy.

    Still, I too am preparing myself to go grey, although a full head of grey might be years away. I think it’s important to start reinforcing the desire to be natural now, so that it will last as one evolves throughout the years.

    I hope I will not hate the woman in the mirror in later years and will be able to embrace the signs of aging. Vanity can be powerful and while being different can be fun, it’s not always easy, so I’m not fooling myself.

    As you’ve said, the idea of resisting chemicals is appealing. The maintenance of colour is also expensive. And aren’t there better ways to spend a limited resource? I think so anyway.

    Thanks for sharing your perspective!

  3. goinggray February 3, 2008 at 4:06 AM #

    Embrace your gray! Visit the blog Going Gray.


  4. foryoudesigns February 3, 2008 at 4:33 AM #

    Thank you all for your thoughts!

    Oh Walrus, isn’t it nice to know that there are still thoughtful younglings that will offer their seat to their elders (even if you aren’t!!). But that’s a whole other discussion isn’t it?

    Milkyminx, you are most welcome. I know for myself, that in recent years I’ve reached a point were I am comfortable with you I am. But who knows? When the day comes….

    And GoingGray, I like what you are doing and am linking you in my Inspirations!

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