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Organic farming recognises that nature has been successful in sustaining life for millions of years so the basic principle of  organic farming closely follows those in the natural world.

~The Organic Grocer

Organic farmers and food producers grow and produce food to a set of standards and principles concerning the use of synthetic chemicals (such as artificial fertilisers and pesticides), growth hormones or routine antibiotics.  They also do not use genetically modified (GM) components or expose food to irradiation.

With an emphasis on environmental sustainability, food is produced from a balanced, living soil – with a recognition that our health is directly connected to the health of the food we eat and, ultimately, the health of the soil.

Animal welfare is also an important issue with only free-range animals allowed – under the Australian Organic Standards cages are not permitted.

An interesting read here, regarding the “vastly higher level of minerals in vegetables grown organically compared to those grown chemically” – a study from the Australian Government Analytical Laboratories.

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Organic Fedaration of Australia

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