Family Sunday – A Wood Mission

Family Sunday today.  Or as the kids call it ‘No Computer Sunday’. 

Today we took a drive out to the forest to get some more wood for winter.  It’s usually a big day – pack a picnic, drive, cut wood, eat, load up & home.  About 6 hours today…. & when we get home we have to unload, unpack the esky & everyone is generally exhausted.

But we love it!!

Small boy always finds a stick (or staff, as the small wizard prefers to call it), & then overturns logs, uproots mushrooms, whacks trees & fights all sorts of imaginary battles.

Daughter usually finds a shady spot & keeps reading whatever book she is going on at the moment.  She’ll get herself a ‘staff’ as well, & sometimes does battle with her brother.

Husband chainsaws….

& I watch him like a hawk.  Call me paranoid, but chainsaws can be nasty.

Today I found a shady tree as well.  It was lovely.  I had a view to die for – out over the valley to the forested hills on the other side.  I did a bit of reading & a bit of gazing – all the while keeping my eye on the chainsawing!!

And I thought I’d share our favourite picnic spot with you…..

How was your Sunday?

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