Family Sunday

Three weeks ago, I instigated ‘Family Sunday’, or as the kids call it – ‘No Computer Sunday’.

How did this all come about? 

Our weekends are all about relaxing.  Like everyone else the world over, our weekdays are busy.  Kids to get to and from school, after-school activities, groceries, housework, bill-paying, husband at work & me working on my jewellery. 

So, most Sundays would consist of me doing catch-up work & research on my computer, and husband & the kids playing computer games.  Sure, we were relaxing & spending time together, but we weren’t really interacting.  There wasn’t a lot of talking going on, & when there was talking happening, there wasn’t a lot of listening.

The rules of ‘Family Sunday’ are pretty basic.  We do an activity together as a family.  Something that we are all able to participate in equally.  No computer or computer games allowed.  And we can watch some television, but that is usually late in the afternoon.

Our first Sunday, we played Monopoly for 5 hours.  I had to end up retiring from the game, to get up & get some lunch before our stomachs caved in. 

The last 2 Sundays, we’ve gone out collecting firewood.  Lots of walking, talking & exploring.  Apart from the stinging nettle, it’s great.  We are loving the sunshine & fresh air.  And we are really enjoying one anothers company.  

Connecting as a family…..  

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