{family} The Lifetime Smile Completed

Daughter and I never got around to updating The Lifetime Smile all that often.  Too much happened in between it all and the planned series of posts went by the wayside.

But now we are on the brace free side and when you compare Clarissa’s original smile:

to what her smile looks like now:

…let’s just say that the girl is happy to flash you a smile any time of day or night!

We’ve got to keep an eye on one of her front teeth.  An encounter with her Father and a soccer ball has turned it grey and there’s likely to be a little bit more work needed there, but at the moment all is well.

She’s so happy that she made the decision to get braces (the holiday in Tasmania is happening as well this holidays, so it really was a win/win for all of us!) and she talks up the benefits to any of her friends that are heading down the orthodontic road.

And as her Mum – I couldn’t be happier…

Because my Beautiful Girl has a lifetime smile.

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2 Responses to {family} The Lifetime Smile Completed

  1. helena / little mo November 12, 2011 at 7:28 PM #

    Ohhh wonderful! Your daughter is beautiful!..I remember when I was around your daughter’s age and I had braces, it was such a grueling experience! I wasn’t even sure why I wanted to go through all that pain and sore jaw. And worse it just made me look geeky. But now as an adult, I cannot stressed how grateful I am to my parents for paying for my braces, I have perfect munchers, all thanks to them 😀 And I’m positive your daughter will be so grateful/happy with hers! xoxoxo Congrats!

    • Tasha Chawner November 12, 2011 at 8:20 PM #

      Thank you Helena! I think she’s beautiful too, but I’m a little biased 🙂

      She is thankful for the braces too. We were very upfront about the cost of them (hence the original decision – the braces or a holiday to Tasmania), and she suffered the teasing from ‘friends’ graciously. The jaw pain was at times hard and met with lots of tears, as she was already dealing with (and still deals with) joint pain in her ankles and knees.
      But she’s proud of her smile now. She wouldn’t smile before braces, so to see her dazzle everyone with a smile now really is priceless.
      I will pass along your compliment to her – because I know that it will bring another one of her gorgeous smiles!!

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