{glimpses} Birthday Girl

The Beautiful Girl cutting her birthday cake
it was the Beautiful Girls birthday this week…

It was a milestone birthday, so we had our Walcha family over for the afternoon, to celebrate with drinks, nibbles and (of course) cake!

Birthday cake and colourful lit candles

The cake was a 6-layered rainbow cake – almost 4 hours worth of baking, icing and decorating.  I must admit, I threatened a painful death to anyone who came near me as I carried it to the table… didn’t want to drop the bloody thing and have it smash all over the floor.

blowing out the birthday cake candles

Happy birthday was sung.  Embarrassment was survived.  Candles were blown out, the nearest boy was kissed and the cake was cut.   The Birthday Girl was suitably thrilled with her (requested) cake and in just 14 slices it was all gone.

until next year

When we’ll do it all over again… Just not the cake.  That was a once-in-a-lifetime deal.

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