{glimpses} A Week in Sydney

Daughter has just spent the week at the National Art School in Sydney, studying Contemporary Fine Art Photography (yes, I was and still am jealous!).

Husband and I decided to spend the week taking the Little Man around and showing him the big city.  It’s been nearly 10 years since we’ve been to Sydney – and after spending the week there, we know why we let so long pass between visits.

I’m determined to travel with my kids, and whilst it was fun to see the sites, experience the different foods and cultures, and dodge the people and crazy traffic, we’ve decided that we are small town folk.  The sedate pace of our little town, where you can walk down the street, where your groceries are still carried to your car, and every second person says hello… much more my style.

that said, i’ll see you for round 2 in september, sydney xo

Working out where to visit during our week in Sydney

Pizza at Dimitri’s, while we look at the map to figure out where to visit while we are in Sydney.

All that symbolises Sydney

A walk along the waterfront to admire the view that has made Sydney famous around the world.

At the New South Wales Art Gallery.

A stop at the NSW Art Gallery to make the mumma happy.

Papua New Guinea tribal mask & silver art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales

Two of my loves – masks and silver. Tribal masks from Papua New Guinea and a silver sculpture.

Moon over Sydney skyline

You can’t see the stars at night in Sydney, but you can still see the Moon.

Playing with an interactive light exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum.

We loved the Powerhouse Museum – especially the interactive exhibitions.

Visiting Bondi Beach and the Bondi Rescue life guard tower

The Little Man can tick this off his bucket list now – visit Bondi Beach. He admitted to being a little disappointed… not many people and the water was cold!

Saying goodbye after a busy week in Sydney.

We were glad to see the city in our wing mirrors. We just had to battle the traffic to escape… Only 6 hours to home.

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