Going Pear Shaped

Pears – a small study in fecundity by Christopher Mark Perez on Flickr

Things have gone a little pear-shaped lately…

My original plan of posting at least 3 times a week went out the window once I started 5-days a week at work (and I do recall promising to kick myself in the arse if it didn’t happen – which I have done… albeit half heartedly).

You see, I’m currently part of the team that is working on developing the Buddy Reading Program at our school.
For those of you that don’t know me personally (and it’s not something I’ve made public on the blog) I’m an avid reader.  When the mood (or the book) takes me, I get lost in the worlds they create (hello, Twilight… 🙂)  when I can go for weeks without picking up another book after I’ve finished the one that has touched me so much I’ve connected with the characters to the point that I feel they are a part of me…

And I want this for the kids that belong to my school.

I want to instill in them a love of reading.
A love which research has shown will help to boost the outcomes of their education…

Which is why I’ve not posted the promised 3-times a week.

I’ve been reasearching…  planning…  collaborating…


About the day when we have a school of readers.

But end-of-term is only a week away.  At which time I’ll join my big brother to celebrate his union of marriage – and I plan to share with you all our travels.  To indulge my other love of photography.

So my sincerest apologies for my absence.

And at this point, next year is looking a little cruise-ier (I’ve already printed out my blog calendar for 2013, which is a start!) But time will tell, and (unfortunately for my blog) I’m passionate about the kids under my care.

But join me as we travel, and I share with you glimpses of the Queensland coast… as we all unwind and fall in to the Festive Season.

And forget about pear-shapes for a while…
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