Habits can break you…

I subscribe to Danielle LaPorte’s ‘Daily Truth Bomb’ – a little snippet of goodness to get you thinking.

And this one really did…

Habits can break you.


Now I pride myself on habits.

Well, maybe not so much habits as routine.

Routine has got me through the kids being little and the dreaded acid hour.

It’s got me through the back injury and keeping the house in a livable state.

Routine gets me through most days.

So, how can routine break you?

All the parenting books advocate routine for kids.  I don’t always stick to routine for my small biz (like, never), but I’m still not grasping how habit (which I’m interpreting as routine) can break you??

Any thoughts?

{Image: 6 – Burning Questions by Bart_T on Flickr}

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