{family} Happy Birthday Little Man

Our Little Man came in to the world nine years ago today.

A false alarm, followed by lunch out at our favourite cafe in Lismore.  A wander around the Southern Cross Uni labs – where I had to stop and lean against the benches to breathe when a contraction hit – then back home to try and have a rest before what I assumed would be a long night.

I couldn’t sleep for erratic contractions, so I telephoned my Sister.  As I laughed at something she said my waters broke.

And 1 hour and 6 minutes later he was here.


The last week has been pure agony for him.  Every night over dinner we’ve counted the days until the B-day.  Last night he started milking the fact.

“Because it’s my birthday tomorrow…”

Birthdays in our house are special, not huge special, but special.

Cake of your choice – “Chocolate zucchini cake with chocolate frosting and covered in Jaffas, please Mum.”

Dinner of your choice – “Spaghetti with your special sauce, please Mum.  And bacon and mushrooms in the sauce too.”

And no washing or wiping up duties – “Awesome!”

And all he really wanted for his birthday was the last Lego Kingdom set.   The big castle – which my Little Man and the Big Boy promptly sat down and started making.  Breakfast?  Who needs food!

And about 2 hours later it was done.  Good thing he had a late start for school this morning.

So happy birthday my darling Little Man.  I still want to call you Small Boy, because you’ll always be my Small Boy, even though you are getting taller, and cheekier, and wittier, and older…

I love you, Murdoc-with-no-H.

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