How I Plan to Simplify My Life In 365 Days

The need to simplify has been really strong lately.

Simplify everything.  My life.  My possessions.  My time.

So today I made the decision to do a 365-type project.

One thing a day.

To be given away or donated.

To simplify.

With much enthusiasm I made a start this morning while I was dusting.  And in order to keep the commitment-momentum going I’ll be posting my 7 things each Saturday on the blog.

Here are the first 7 things to make the 365 Things cut:

1. A pencil case full of fancy edged scissors from when the kids were little and liked to cut out shapes from paper.  I think that the Kinder room at school might like these.
2. A buddha.
3. A mini guillotine.
4. A crystal milk jug (a gift from my MIL). I don’t drink tea and I really don’t like crystal.
5. A tea cup, saucer and small plate – from the old lady who used to live across the road from the MIL & FIL’s.  Don’t drink tea…
6.  Two sets of twig colour in pencils that Sis bought back from Thailand (I think).  Bastards to sharpen.
7.  ‘The Incredible Truth About Motherhood’ book.  Found in a cupboard when we moved in to this house.

If you see anything you like and would like to have it, please contact me and I’ll send it on to you.  I’ll only be hanging on to each weeks things until the following Saturday, so if you want something get in quick before I take it down to our local Vinnies.

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