I ♥ You: Valentines Day Specials

Husband and I don’t do Valentines Day.

We’ve been married 21 years this year, and the only time he really ever did something romantic for Valentines was when he was on another continent.  We’d been married about 5 weeks – 3 of which he’d spent in Somalia – and on Valentines morning a dozen long-stemmed red roses appeared at our front door.  I was suitably gob-smacked, but knew it wasn’t going to be a regular thing…

now i’m more likely to get a weedy-flower stolen from the church garden as he walks home from work

…but it’s the thought that counts, isn’t it!?

It probably accounts for why I don’t have a lot of Valentine-inspired hearts in the shop. Though every now and again the mood strikes me, and I make something in the line of love, but not that often.

So to celebrate the day of love I’m marking those amore-worthy, one-of-a-kind designs down by 25% until Wednesday 5th of February (that way they should reach their intended loved one by Valentines Day!).  If you’re ordering from overseas though, I’d get in before February 1st to give the postal service plenty of time to get these pretties to your part of the world.

Copper Heart Earrings

Lopsided Love: usually $44 – now $33

I had a blast stamping these lopsided copper heart earrings.  Each one is just a little different, and are complete with surgical steel ear wires, since I know some gals have sensitive ears.

why are they lopsided?

Because sometimes love comes to you from the strangest of places.

silver heart charm necklace

You Melt My Heart: usually $80, now $60

This silver heart pendant was created from silver scraps that I had accumulated over the years.  They were too small for using in other projects, so inspired by the ‘Lopsided Love’ earrings above, I set about creating a lopsided silver heart.

worked out okay, i think!
silver heart and swarovski crystal pendant

Come Live in my Heart: usually $45, now $33.75

This hammered silver heart actually began its life as part of another necklace… I was never happy with it, so I pulled it apart and decided instead on a simple focal pendant.

with a little extra bling
precious metal clay stamped heart necklace

Where Love Dwells: usually $145, now $88.75

This is my first and only foray in to the world of Precious Metal Clay.  Created using a rubber scrapbooking stamp, I oxidized the pendant to bring out the swirls.  Finished on a sterling silver chain with a Swarovski crystal embellishment, from pink to deep red.

definitely a one-of-a-kind design

And however you celebrate (or don’t) Valentines Day, I’ll leave you with this quote from Charles M. Schulz:

All you need is love.  But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.

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