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we’ve been watching ‘The Block’

Love that show.  We all hit the couch and comment, critique and condemn the rooms, but it inspires in me an urge to get styling my own place… not good.

So instead of spending a gazillion dollars re-doing the entire house, I’ve decided to do it virtually instead…


I already have a strong Asian/Indian vibe going with my furniture, so these pieces are going to fit right in to the decor already!

1. vintage wooden chairs
2. vintage display stairs on wheels
3. wrought iron peacock outside chair


Keeping a minimalist theme with serving ware and housewares means you can funk it up with splashes of colour whenever the mood take you…

4. rectangle platter
5. porcelain votives white/silver
6. matt white large v bowl

All of this gorgeousness (and so much more) I found at The r.e.a.l Store.

From their About page:

The r.e.a.l store is a showcase for social, ethical and sustainable design and living. Our vision is to create a global brand that demonstrates the ability to merge profit, philanthropy, design and sustainability into a business model that focuses on ‘paying it forward’. We source our products based our concept of ‘ordinary and extraordinary:’ ordinary products with extraordinary messages, ordinary people with extraordinary talent, brands that are inspired and people who are passionate.

All the brands and products whether they be clothing, accessories, homeware, furniture, jewellery, candles, stationery or artwork are carefully selected to communicate a message for humanity. Each respective message can be found in the provenance, concept, design, writing or graphics in, on or around every item or brand for the store.

At The r.e.a.l store, we seek to inspire human potential. Everyone has the potential to be extraordinary, and we hope to facilitate that. We provide r.e.a.l friends with the opportunity to participate in relevant and important causes that support humanitarian issues across the globe.

ordinary + extraordinary… indeed
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