It’s a Dogs Life

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Do you ever wish you had a dog’s life?

Not much to do all day, but lay in the sunshine and nap.  Not a care in the world.  Played with and pampered.

I love to watch my dog, Jo, sleep.


Because I’m envious of her.

She lays on the back mat, in the sunshine.  Dreams sweet, little yelping, dreams.  Fed.  Patted.  Played with. Pampered.  Loved.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pampered and loved as well.  But I don’t have the luxury of laying around all day, doing nothing.

One can learn a lot from dogs.

My aim is to learn to relax like Jo.  Let my cares drift away, sit down and soak up the sun.

Even if it is for only five minutes.

Because, we just tend to ‘do’ all the time.  Constantly on the move.  Finishing a project.  Doing the washing.  Running after kids.  Ironing while I watch some television.  My body and brain never seems to stop.  Even when it is time for sleep.

How will I achieve this?

By being aware – more aware of what I do.  Of when my body tells me it is time to take a break.  When I need to give my mind a rest.

…Look out sunshine, here I come.

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