Jewellery & Your Face Shape

When you are in the business of designing jewellery, it is helpful to have an understanding of what type of jewellery will best suit your client.

Your necklace should ideally complement the neckline of your gown, your face shape & (for formal occasions) the detail of your gown.

Let’s consider each face shape individually with the necklace in mind.

Oval Shape Face Slightly narrower at the jawline than at the temples.  A graceful taper from cheek to chin, with a gently rounded hairline.

An oval face is generally accepted as the perfect face shape & can wear anything.  Match the texture & designs in your gown when choosing a necklace.  For example, a more ornate jewellery selection is able to be worn with an ornate bodice.

Round Shape Face Full-looking face with fullness at or below the cheeks,  & a round chin & hairline.  Widest point is at the cheeks & ears.  A round face has a full appearance with the width of the face being about the same as the length.

A round face needs a necklace that adds length to her look.  A longer or T-style necklace flatters a round face.  Avoid chokers or short necklaces, & also avoid large stones or pearls.  These styles add a visual thickness to the neck.

Perfect for a round face is a deep plunging neckline, which can carry a beautiful necklace.

Square Shape Face A strong, square jawline & usually an equally square hairline.  The width of your cheeks & forehead will be similar, with your face appearing longer than it is wide.

The square face needs length & softness.  A T-style or a simple strand necklace (eg. pearls)  that hang a little longer would be perfect.

Rectangular Shape Face Long & slender, about the same width at the forehead & just below the cheekbones.  Narrow chin or forehead.

A rectangle face needs softening & width.  Shorter necklaces work nicely.

Triangle Shape Face A dominant jawline that tapers or narrows toward the cheekbones & temples.

A triangle face is similar to a heart shape, but with corners & angles.  You can match the angles of your face for impact or counterbalance them for softness.  Avoid necklaces that end with a point.

Heart Shape Face Your face is fuller & wider at the temples & hairline, tapering at the cheeks, down to a small delicate chin.

A heart shape face looks ravishing with a choker, or a double or triple strand necklace.  By creating fullness at the neck with the right necklace, you can balance the wider eye & cheekbone area with the delicate chin of the heart shaped face.

Diamond Shape Face Widest at the cheekbones, & narrow equally at the forehead & jaw line.

A diamond face shape can also carry any style.  Drop crystals look beautiful with a diamond face.

Oblong Shape Face

An oblong face is enhanced by a choker style necklace.  A choker helps to soften the ‘vertical line’ that can occur with an oblong face.

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