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Swarovski Crystal Bracelet in Red

The Colour of Love

A luxurious bracelet – celebrating the colours of love – A stunning bracelet to adorn your wrist on a romantic night out with your man.

This luscious crystal bracelet boasts:
~ sixty-four Swarovski 4millimetre (approximately 1/8 inch) crystals – glistening and sparkling in shades of deep red to pale pink.
~ an interwoven design to create a band of passionate colour.
~ a sterling silver lobster clasp.
~ I have added a sterling silver flat cable safety chain for added security.
~ a bracelet length of 17 centimetres / 6 ¾ inches.
~ the safety chain measures 4.5 centimetres / 1 ¾ inches.

Handmade Bridal Pearl Necklace

O'er a Moonlit Sea

Inspired by the timeless beauty and purity of pearls – this precious freshwater pearl necklace will make you feel the princess on your special day.

~ twin strands of gorgeous A-grade pearls for pure bridal beauty.
~ delicate ivory cream stick pearls with ethereal luster and texture.
~ elegant rice pearls and translucent Swarovski crystals scattered throughout.
~ a swirling sterling silver hook clasp.
~ lengths of 45 centimetres / 17 ¾ inches (for the shorter strand) and 50 centimetres / 19 ¾ inches (for the longer strand).
~ is finished with attention to detail for your special occasion.

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