living a perfectly imperfect life

give yourself permission to embrace the imperfect and savour the perfect that you already havemy life isn’t perfect

There are messes. There are hard days, hard weeks actually. But in the middle of it all, there is also joy.  And I’m savouring those moments because they all too quickly pass us by.

To live a perfectly imperfect life means embracing where I am each day. Taking it one day at a time and enjoying the things that matter most. Focusing on the good stuff and forgetting the rest.

it means stopping the chase for a perfect that doesn’t exist and living in the perfect that I already have

It’s giving myself permission for things to be less than “perfect”.  And with that permission, there is a freedom. A freedom from the burden of trying to always be perfect. Less stressed and so much happier knowing that I don’t have to do it all and do it perfectly.

Instead, I focus on what is already perfect.  I am present in the moment, and I enjoy what I already have and am happy with it.

Because this is my imperfect life, and I am going to enjoy those perfectly imperfect moments as much as I can.

In the comments, I’d love to hear:

Are you giving yourself permission to live a perfectly imperfect life?

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