Look-ee what I got this week!!

I’ve been admiring Pocket Carnival for a while now.
And with the new teacher-aide job, decided it was time to spoil myself!!

Handmade by Pocket Carnival

My Pocket Carnival Haul

I was incredibly pleased when I opened the parcel!!

Handmade by Pocket Carnival

My coin purse and pencil case

I had hoped that my mobile phone would fit in the coin purse… alas, it was not to be.

So now the coin purse holds all those miscellaneous credit card sized cards – like the Medicare card, library cards, etc,

My pencil case – far too pretty for teenage boys to look at!! – now holds my lip balm and tissues, to get me through a day.

Handmade by Pocket Carnival

My too cute shoulder bag

As soon as Daughter saw this bag, she wanted it – “It’s sooooooo cute, Mum!!  Can I have it??”

“Uh, no!”

Handmade by Pocket Carnival

Penny's packaging is *awesome*

And I must say, I was very impressed by the cohesive-ness of Penny’s packaging.  The swing tags and her business card are made on recycled paper – and it all flows so beautifully.

Plus, as a bonus, Penny sent one of her Pocket Carnival cards – which I was going to send to my niece for her 11th birthday, but sorry GG…. I like it too much!!

You can find Penny and Pocket Carnival here on Made It.
Or here on Etsy.

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