Looking Forward, Looking Back


2013 is about to draw to an end.

it’s been a busy year

It’s hard to believe that it was just 12 months ago that we were rushing the Beautiful Girl to hospital for an emergency appendectomy…  with last minute flights to North Queensland for weddings and Christmas with my Little Brother and Mrs Ally.

I argued the semantics of the phrase ‘day off’ for working Mothers… and rediscovered the beauty of black-and-white photography.

Not wanting my Beautiful Girl to get a part-time job paid off – 7 First in Subjects for her year and an Academic Excellence award has made us all proud.

It was also the year I found a lump in my breast…  it wasn’t to be the first, but with the help of my naturopath I’m managing it and (touch wood) haven’t developed any more.

I reignited The Weekend Photo Project and have met some truly wonderful fellow photogs from around the globe as a result…  I’m looking forward to another year of weekend photography fun with them in 2014!

I challenged you to define what success means to you… and released my first collection of jewellery – Minimalist Duet – in over 18 months.

I confessed to being a stationery addict… and started doling out Unsolicited Advice.

All in all it was a good year.

I’ve been planning out 2014 in the last weeks of this year.  Decisions have made – I’m cutting back hours at my paid-job so that I can focus more on jewellery and photography – because,

creativity is like air to me – I need it in my life to breathe

Undoubtedly life will continue as busy, with the odd life-lesson thrown in, but have-at-it, I say.

i do want to thank everyone who has contributed to the blog this year

There have been days when I would question ‘why’, but then a comment or email would make me smile and I would know.  So my humblest thanks to you all.

And here’s to a golden 2014 for us all.

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