made by tasha chawner: spring/summer 2016-17 ‘elemental’ collection

it has been so long since I’ve released a collection!

After a very long break from making jewellery, my Muse made a return earlier this year and convinced me that I needed to return to making jewellery.

The very long break was due to a diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis that I received in early 2015.  My left thumb had decided to get really sore and do wacky hyper-extension things where it seemed to bend back the wrong way and get stuck.  It didn’t take long before the arthritis had made its way to all of my other joints – large and small. My body had decided for me.  I was taking a break from making jewellery because there was no way known to man that I was going to be holding a set of pliers.

Being the stubborn individual I am, I tried – and failed – to make in the ensuing 12 months, so I was delighted when I finally began dreaming about jewellery again.  A sure sign it was time to pick up the pliers again.

Initially, I didn’t want to push myself too hard.  Just in case.  This was when my Muse whispered in my ear and said, “How about creating Collections again?”.  Not a bad idea, was my response.

enter Elemental’

: basic and important
: having the power of a force of nature
: of or relating to a chemical element

Consisting of 8 earring and 2 pendant designs, it was such a pleasure to go through the sketching, design and creating process.  The designs all feature a combination of metals, with each of these pieces holding a little bit of love and a whole lot of attitude.

(L) ‘Be Called the Elements’ | (R) ‘Be Still as the Mountain’
(L) ‘Fragments of the Elements’ | (R) ‘Elements in Your Dreams’
(L) ‘Hopelessly Hooked’  | (R) ‘Of Random Thoughts’
(L) ‘The Mercy of Nature’s Elements’ | (R) ‘Show Your Soul Something Beautiful’
(L) ‘Wear Down the Wood’ | (R) ‘Where There is Energy’

In the comments, I’d love to hear:

Which is your favourite piece from the ‘Elemental’ collection?

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